Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Casey Anthony

   Even though we don't always agree with the jury's verdict, Casey Anthony was judged by a jury of her peers. Apparently, they found a reasonable doubt. It's easy to sit in your living room and pass judgement and say how the jury needs to be held accountable. It's amazing to me how many people bitch and complain about a jury verdict, but yet when these same people are called for jury duty, they try to invent ways to keep from doing what's asked of them as a citizen of this country. If you're going to hold this jury accountable for their verdict, how about the juries that put people in prison and then find out 20 or 30 years later the person was innocent. Should these juries be held accountable too? Say what you want about our judicial and court system, but in most foreign countries, you're guilty until proven innocent. Which system would you rather have if you were on trial? Think about that next time you're called for jury duty and don't want to go....Just Sayin'

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