Monday, June 13, 2011

Does God Really Give Two Hoots?

   Last night while watching the Dallas Mavericks celebrate a much deserved NBA Championship, Jason Terry gave all praise to God for the victory, which is all well and good. But, does God really give two hoots who wins the NBA Finals? Were Dirk and Mark Cuban riding Jason's coattails because he had an inside track to the man upstairs? Was God putting his hand over the hoop on Lebron's jumpers and guiding Jason Terry's downtown jumpers into the hole? Maybe God flicked the ball off of D-Wade's foot in the fourth quarter to create the turnover. How did he choose Jason Terry over, say, Mike Miller to get the nod? Maybe Mike Miller didn't pray as hard or he might have missed church last Sunday because he was taking care of a sick child. Did God really care who won? He probably wasn't even watching.

   How about the Super Bowl? A couple of seasons ago, Kurt Warner and the Arizona Cardinals went up against Big Ben and the Pittsburgh Steelers. A no-brainer right? Kurt Warner of all people should have an inside track to the man, right? But, wait a minute, wasn't it Big Ben that threw the last minute touchdown pass to win the game? Okay, Kurt, what did you do to piss the man off ? Did you get mad and throw your helmet because someone dropped a pass? Did God really care who won? I think not.

   I left the World Series for last, because I want to to know what the Cubs could do to piss God off so much that he's prevented them from winning a World Series for over a hundred years and not even playing in one for over 60 years. Man, that is one serious grudge. The Boston Red Sox must have made amends, because he finally let them win one after, what was it, 88 years? And the White Sox after 80 years. Man, those are some serious time outs. Now, don't get me wrong, if the Cubs didn't win the World Series for another hundred years that would be fine with me. But, still........

   Does God really care who wins the NBA Finals, Super Bowl or World Series?......Just Sayin'.


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